Best Dog Food For Dachshunds With Allergies and Sensitive Stomach

Food can be a leading cause of allergies and sensitive stomachs in dogs. These most definitely include our beloved dachshunds. Here we’re looking at the best dog food for a dachshund with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

Just like humans, dogs too are prone to suffer from different kinds of allergies caused by the food that they consume. Either one or more ingredients present in the dog food can be the reason for the allergy in your pet.

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Dachshund With Allergies and Sensitive Stomachs

1) Taste of the Wild Hi Prairie (Venison & Bison)

I discovered that the Taste of the Wild Bison and Venison Formula is well-loved by a lot of customers and their dogs online. In fact, it’s a Bestseller, that’s why I decided to look at it closely and review its contents and why it is a good choice of dog food for your dachshund.

TOTW Features

  • Grain-Free Formula – This dry food contains a high level of meat and zero grains.
  • High-Quality Ingredients – It doesn’t contain fillers.
  • Size – This is a 30-pound bag.
  • Nutritious – It’s high in antioxidants and protein.
  • Immunity Builder – The nutritious formula can strengthen your dog’s immune system.
  • Natural Vitamins and Minerals – Some of the vitamins and minerals are sourced from fruits and vegetables.

How does TOTW Taste?

This is a meat-based product, and my dachshund loves it. So I assume that it tastes good too. Aside from that, dachshund owners say that it results in having shiny coats as well. These include all dachshund coat types being smooth, wire-hair and long-haired coats.


  • Reasonable Price – a Very reasonable price for such a great product.
  • It Tastes Good – Dachshunds love it, so it must be delicious.
  • Soft and Shiny Coat – According to dachshund owners, eating this food improves the appearance of their pets’ coats.
  • Firm Stools – Customers like that it’s not such a hassle to clean up after their beloved doggies.
  • Meat-Based – With meat products as the main ingredients, this product is rated high quality.


  • Smells Bad – According to some customers, this brand of dog food has a weird smell. And because of that, their dog’s stools also turn out smelly. However, this feedback is only isolated as a majority of dog owners didn’t have this problem.

Concluding Taste Of The Wild

Upon careful scrutiny, we have found that this is truly a high-quality product. It doesn’t contain fillers and grains, and it’s mostly comprised of meat ingredients too. In fact, in order to provide for a natural source of vitamins and minerals, fruits and veggies are also included in its production. And this is a great source of vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants. Based on the price and quality, I recommend this for all kinds of a dachshund (besides puppies) including those with sensitive stomachs and allergic reaction ailments.

2) Core Original For Small Breeds by Wellness

his is a highly-rated dry food for small breeds including dachshunds. It the Wellness Grain-Free Core Original. It’s a meat-based product, so it contains high protein and is considered to be of high-quality as well. No by-products are used in its production, and there are no additives too.

Upon checking the customer reviews on the internet, I found that dachshund owners have good experiences with this brand of dry food. Dogs who eat this have brighter eyes, and their coats are shinier and softer as well. And the best part of all is that dogs like its taste and find it delicious. Since I switched to the Core, my dachshund no longer exhibits signs of the digestive and skin problems. Furthermore, my dachshund suffered from terrible gas problems. And since switching to Wellness core, this issue has severely decreased.

Featured Of The Core Wellness Orignal

  • Grain-Free – It’s one hundred percent grain-free for easy digestion.
  • Formula – This type of dry dog food is made for adult dogs.
  • Size – It comes in a 26-pound bag.
  • Main Ingredients – It uses turkey and chicken meat.
  • Nutritious – Vegetables like broccoli, kale, parsley, and spinach are added in for a natural source of vitamins and minerals.
  • No Unhealthy Ingredients – There are no meat by-products in its composition, and there are no corn, wheat, soy, and artificial additives too.


  • It Tastes Good – Judging by how dogs enthusiastically eat it, it must be delicious.
  • Grain-Free – It doesn’t cause stomach problems.
  • High in Fiber – The stools are firm.
  • Company’s Reputation – Wellness is a well-known brand and it has a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing dog food.


  • Gas Issues – There were some reports of dogs experiencing gas problems, but such cases are isolated.

Core Wellness Orignal For Dachshunds In Conclusion

As Wellness Core is a grain-free type of dog food, it’s very easy on a dog’s stomach. And since its main ingredient is meat (from turkey and chicken), this is a high-protein food. There are also vegetable components that provide for a natural source of nutrients. According to dog owners, their canine friends are not suffering from weight issues and digestive problems since being put on this diet.

Some of the common food items that could cause an allergy in your pet include dairy products:

  • wheat
  • yeast
  • corn
  • soy
  • chicken
  • beef

You can recognize a food allergy by carefully observing your dog and its behavior. An itchy and inflamed rear end is one of the main symptoms of a food allergy. Other symptoms include ear infection, chronic diarrhea & gas, skin irritation, and constant paw licking. Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Cocker Spaniels, are some of the dog breeds that are most prone to be infected with food allergies.

Increased exposure to the ingredient responsible for the allergy will intensify your pet’s suffering. Finding the ingredient that is causing the allergy and removing it completely from the dog’s diet is the best solution to cure this kind of allergies. Artificial preservatives and flavorings included in dog food also can be a cause for food allergies in dogs.

Tracking the ingredient that is causing the allergy is not an easy task. You may have to find dog foods with dissimilar main substances and try out each of these foods with your dog. Use pet food items with a different mix of the main ingredients for this purpose. Keep a track of the ingredients and observe any allergic symptoms in your dog. This will take some time, and it is not an easy task by any means. Trial and error is the only way to single out the ingredient that is causing the allergy in your pet.

3) Wellness Complete Health Dry Food

Healthy foods can help in fighting allergies and disease. This is because a strong immune system is always the best defense against all types of ailments. If you choose the right kind of dog food, it will help in fighting allergies or a sensitive stomach that your dachshund might be suffering.

The Wellness brand of dog food has always been popular with many responsible dog owners as this Company is known for producing high quality of products at a reasonable cost. The ingredients are formulated so as to come up with balanced nutrition that will help in keeping your pet healthy and happy for many long years. The calcium component is also given great importance as this is the main factor that contributes to having healthy bones and joints in dogs. This makes it the best dog food for dogs with cancer.

Why Is Wellness The best food for dogs?

The brand also employs a modern technique called “Digestool technology”; this involves years of studying to come up with a special formula that is easily digestible. With this incorporated in every production of dog food, fewer nutrients will end up in the dog’s stool and feces. This would mean that more nutrients have stayed inside the body and absorbed by the system for utmost efficacy. This is particularly helpful for dogs with cancer.

Why Lamb Is better For Allergies and Stomach Problems

Lamb is a better source of protein if you compare it with beef and poultry supplies; that’s why this type of food is recommended especially for dogs with special needs and nutritional problems. The grain and fiber components are beneficial too as this helps in eliminating the toxins that are present inside the body so as to cleanse the body from all types of impurities and infections. Other important ingredients that are included in a bag of dog food are fish and salmon meal, oatmeal, rye, barley, canola oil, tomato, flaxseed, spinach, carrots, potatoes, blueberries, apples, potassium, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals.

Dachshund Puppy Food?

If you’re wondering about food for your dachshund puppy. Fear not. Because Wellness offer this dog food for all different stages of a dog’s life. For example, they offer puppy food. Along with adult and senior food. Furthermore, they also have a weight control dog food which is suitable for those dachshunds that are overweight or suffer from obesity.

What is Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Dog food manufacturers have come up with an effective solution to this common predicament among pet and dachshund owners. These companies have ventured into the production of hypoallergenic dog food in order to combat these allergic reactions and tummy problems. For example, switching to this kind of food eliminated my dachshund’s diarrhea problem completely. When a dachshund is put on hypoallergenic dog food for a certain period of time, the allergies are likely to subside and completely disappear thereafter.

The major brands that are into the hypoallergenic dog food manufacturing process do not use ingredients that have a high chance of provoking an allergic reaction in your pet. These food items are manufactured using natural ingredients, and no artificial coloring or preservatives are used in the manufacturing process. They are also devoid of any fillers: made of meat by-products that could cause allergic skin irritation in your dachshund. Especially those smooth-haired dachshunds. The high demand for hypoallergenic pet food is triggered by the rising cases of dog food allergies worldwide.

Things To Consider When Buying Dog Food For Allergies

The best dog food for allergies must be selected from a reputed allergenic pet food manufacturer. There are many producers of allergenic food for pets. Buying your requirement of allergenic food items from a credible dealer is the best way to guarantee the safety of your loving pet. There are several renowned brands of hypoallergenic pet foods manufactured by the stalwarts in the pet food manufacturing industry. These brands are safe and always advisable than any other brand that is quite new to the industry.

While analyzing the brands, make sure that you take the overall nutrition also into consideration. The basic dog nutrition facts can be accessed through the web, and you will be able to make comparisons with some of the reputed brands to see what brand is best for your pet. The internet will help you to get reviews about various reputed brands of hypoallergenic food manufacturers. There are some good brands that are quite inexpensive compared to other brands. This will help you to allay any fear of the pricing factor of this kind of foods.

Dog owners are advised to change the hypoallergenic food whenever they notice any signs of food allergies. This is quite rare, and the situation will completely recede when your pet get used to the hypoallergenic food brand. Finding and sticking to the best brand of hypoallergenic food is the most appropriate solution to overcome this kind of situation. Make the transition now and save your pet from food allergies for good.

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

There are various reasons why people use treats for their animals you could use hypoallergenic dog treats for your dachshund to reward positive behavior. Or you may want to use treats to reinforce behavioral habits learned from training methods.

The best aspect of using dog treats of this kind for your dachshund is to show your dog your appreciation and love in the kindest way possible. When you select a treat for your dachshund take the following considerations:

  • How you intend to use the treat, when you use treats for training purposes stick to smaller sized portions in order not to distract your dog from the training schedule.
  • If you plan to give your dog treats on a regular basis ensure that the treatment is lower in calories in order not to overfeed.
  • The age of your dog will also play a role in what type of treat will best suit your dog’s dietary needs.
  • Any present medical conditions will determine what type of treat you should be feeding your dog.
  • Your dog can benefit from hypoallergenic treats if your dog has been diagnosed with a food allergy.
  • You may have to consider what types of flavors your dog prefers when you want to give your dog a treat he will like.

When you want to give your dog a treat it should not constitute more than 10% of your dog’s daily intake of food. This is a very important factor to remember especially if your dog is overweight or is prone to picking up weight easily.

Hypoallergenic dog treats can combat a variety of problems in your dog such as picky eating habits, malnutrition, digestive problems, and begging. Treats will need to be used sparingly and in the correct manner in order for your dog to gain the best possible benefits.

You will want to select treats that can offer your dog a rewarding way without the adverse reactions associated with food allergies. There are a variety of dog treat products on the market, below is a guide to the types of treats you can purchase for your dog.


These treats can offer your dog a crunchy treat that can promote the health of their gums and teeth. The size of the biscuits is easily portable so you can take them with you on outings or for training purposes. The treat will be low in fat with natural ingredients along with fortified minerals and vitamins.

Dental Treats

You can make use of dental treats to help prevent costly and painful dental problems from arising. The treats come in various flavors that can help to freshen your dogs breathe while reducing the buildup of harmful tartar and plaque that can lead to tooth decay. The treats can improve the health of your dog’s mouth and teeth.

Hypoallergenic dog treats are a wonderful way for you to show your dog your appreciation while promoting healthier eating habits. Your dog deserves the best care and attention and you can provide this with feeding your dog products of superior quality.

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