Best harness for dachshund with back problems

I’m reviewing the best harness for dachshund with back problems. Why you may ask? Well, because the precious and entertaining breed of Dachshunds is unfortunately subject to intervertebral disk disease and back problems. This is, as you may know, due to their extra length. As well as their low proportion to the ground because of their short legs. The most appropriate harness is one that relieves unnecessary stress and strain across the Dachshund’s long body. As well as a harness that is both comfortable and secure.

Even though not all Dachshunds suffer from spinal problems it is ultimately better to remember that prevention is better than cure. There are those favorite harnesses on the market that are for Dachshunds with no neck and back issues.

Examples of the best harness for Dachshund with back problems are:

1) GingerLead Dog Support and Rehabilitation Harness:

In my opinion, this is the best harness for a dachshund with back problems. One of the most important factors to consider when a Dachshund is prone to back problems is that it requires a harness with the very best support. The Gingerlead has a sling that fits underneath the dog’s back legs and connects to a handle and integrated leash. Unfortunately, it does not come with a chest harness so you would need to provide your own as the leash gets attached to this and you walk the dog by using the handle. This allows your dog a feeling of independence while supporting its back legs.

Although the dig pictured wearing this harness may not be a dachshund, this will most definitely help your doxie with any back ailments he/she may have. These are also made in America so you can be assured of the product being made to perfection as well as from the finest materials. Furthermore, the Ginerlead harness is one that has gotten the nod from vets all over the world.

One potential downside to this harness is that, as already mentioned, is the missing chest support. And as you continue reading down below, I mention that the dachshund has a keel which preferably should be supported.

2) The Sporn Dog Harness:

A harness with a difference as it controls pulling on the leash and less pressure behind the legs which help in not putting a strain on the dog’s neck. For ultimate comfort and safety, It has good padding with a cord lock that is easily adjustable.

This is a great fitting harness for a dachshund as it protects the pronounced chest. Which, is very characteristic of the dachshund build. Also, this uses a step-in design which makes it very easy to put on and take off. Which can sometimes be challenging given the short nature of their legs.

Lastly, this is a very affordable harness and should definitely be considered as a strong contender for the number one spot on this list.

3) Mesh Padded Vest Harness:

Well worth considering this harness vest has the leash attachment on the back so that there is no strain on the dog’s neck, giving it more support on its back. The support at the bottom enables you to use the top as a handle allowing an extra hand with such obstacles as stairs.

4) Soft Mesh Dog Harness with No Pull Comfort:

A great harness for small dogs, available in cheerful colors and with padding for ultimate comfort. If your Dachshund is a chaser or an escape expert then this harness is for you. One of its redeeming features is the shape which keeps pulling at bay thus taking the strain off the neck area.

5) Ruffwear Harness:

This harness aims to please in all aspects. It is most suitable for Dachshund’s that are not compromised by back and neck issues. It is well designed and of outstanding quality. The Ruffwear harness is made of a very strong and lightweight Nylon material. This is a front-range harness meaning that there are two dog lead clip features, one on the front of the harness and one on the chest side.

If you prefer using a halte you can clip it securely to the second attachment. The advantage of the two clip attachments is that it lessens the dog’s risk of throat injury from pulling on the lead thus giving you better control. This harness is ideal when used in training sessions. Padded chest and belly panels make it extremely comfortable for the dog and the woven straps are a well-adapted feature when t. This harness taking your Dachshund on mountain hikes and the reflective strips make for better visibility in the dark.

6) The Julius-K9 162P-MM:

Originally a creator of the popular strong harnesses for larger breeds, they have extended their range to include smaller breeds. They have a mini-mini and mini version of the harness, of course, depending on the size and measurement of your Dachshund. There are 19 color pleasing colors to choose from.

This harness delivers when it comes to the simplicity of putting it on. Just place the harness on the dogs back and clip the strap on underneath. For comfort and ease, this simple harness has a breathable layer inside. This lead is clipped onto an attachment. It is well priced and has a dog handle on top for better control especially when out on difficult terrain. However, it only has one clip on top and no clip on the front which leaves it lacking in the no pull feature making it harder during training sessions.

7) Rabbitgoo Harness:

This is a no pull pet harness that is well priced and is fairly well known. It is most suited to smaller dog breeds. It also has two metal lead attachment points one on the chest and one on the back. The chest clip is used for better control when the dog pulls on the lead and the back clip can be used together with a double-ended lead, for example when using a halti for walking your dog. There are two adjustable side straps located on the neck and on the front of this harness. The quick release button makes this harness easy to put on and take off and the highly reflective visibility features help others to see your dog better in the dark.

8) Puppia Soft Harness:

This is an affordable dachshund harness. And, it will suit either those on a budget or those just trying a harness for the first time. The range has 14 different colors to choose from. And it is made of 100% Polyester. It is soft and comfortable which would suit an older Dachshund. When it comes to the Puppia, is of utmost importance to check for the correct sizing before buying this harness. It’s a simple harness if basic is what you are looking for.

Things To Consider When Buying A Dachshund Harness

Many new dog owners, as well as old,  are unaware of the existence of the dog harness. Most people are familiar with dog collars. However, in recent times, the harness has become the number one choice for dog owners. This is due to the fact that they are much safer for your animal. And, they ultimately land up placing a lot less discomfort to your dog’s neck. Especially when compared to the traditional collar.

As we already know, the Dachshund is a breed that is prone to various health issues. This is due to their long structure, And thus, a collar for walking your Dachshund will not cut it. Because dachshund suffers from back problems, we have to take into account that a harness needs to protect your dog. Even if your Dachshund is in perfect health, I highly recommend using a harness as a preventative measure.

One very important thing to consider is the size of your dachshund. As you may know, there is a variety of this breed. All of which come in different sizes as well as with different coat types. A good piece of advice I can give is to take your dachshund with to the pet shop to try on a few harnesses. Make them walk around a bit and see which one fits the best.

The Build Of The Dachshund

One of the reasons why choosing the correct harness for your dachshund is of the utmost importance, is because of the unique way in which these little weiner dogs are built. We’ve already discussed their short legs and close proximity to the ground. As well as their main characteristic, which is their long, sausage-like shape.

However, there are some other things we need to consider. The dachshund is part of the hound family. And as such, their bodies share many of the hound characteristics. Along with their stretched out body, they tend to indent closer to the tail and then back out again. Essentially their body goes a little thin and then normal so you need to take this into account when buying a harness.

Another very important aspect of the dachshund build to remember is their keel. Many people just refer to this as the chest bone. You’ll notice your dachshund will have a pronounced chest bone or keel. This is because they were bred to go to ground and burrow. So the keel helps with stability etc. Most dogs don’t have such a pronounced or exaggerated keel and therefore harnesses are not always designed to accommodate this characteristic trait. However, the harnesses reviewed above have taken all of these factors into account. And therefore, should be no problem for whatever type of doxie you might have.

Types Of Dachshund Harnesses

below are some of the different types of harnesses outlined.

Regular Harnesses

These are your common harness that you’re likely to find at almost any pet shop around the world. These work by attaching around your dachshunds back as well as its chest. The back and chest absorb the pulling of the leash as opposed to around the neck like traditional collars. I recommend this type of harness for a miniature dachshund or long-haired dachshund as they won’t pull as hard as a standard dachshund.

The Anti-Pull 

The anti-pull harness, also known as the no-pull harness is the perfect choice for those owners of a standard or regular dachshunds. This is due to the fact that a larger dachshund is likely to pull much harder. Although I have a miniature myself and she pulls like a rottweiler. I should point out that if you opt for one of these types of dog harnesses, then make sure that it molds well around your doxie. Because I have had ill-fitted ones like this and they have chafed my poor digs legs.

Types Of Materials 

There are quite a lot of different materials available when it comes to a dog harness. The same applies when it comes to those for the miniature or standard-sized dachshunds. Some of the more popular materials include nesh as well as nylon. There are some other materials available which will be outlined below. Each harness material has its own unique characteristics. However, that is not to say that one material is a better choice than the other. It all comes down to personal preference and what you feel suits your dachshund best.

  • Mesh Harnesses: These are one of my favorite types of materials for a harness. Especially because my wire-haired Dachshund, Dorris, seems to absolutely love hers. I think it is because they allow for more air circulation which she likes especially in the summer months. I have noticed that the very cheap mesh harnesses can cause scratching on your dog’s legs. So when purchasing one of these types, make sure it is from a reputable brand and of a high-quality.
  • Nylon: These are perhaps the most widely use and common of all dog harnesses. They also last much longer than most other materials. Besides for maybe leather. Most brands will stock a nylon harness and most likely will stock them in an array of different sizes as well as colors.
  • Leather Harnesses: The leather harness is possibly the fancied of them all. This is due to the fact that they will usually cost a lot more than synthetic materials. If I am honest, I have yet to try a leather harness. However, I am very tempted to do so. A leather harness will generally last you very long due to the nature of the material.

**It is important to note that if your dogs has back problems, consulting your local vet is always the best solution. P.s try the CBD for dogs if you would like a fast working remedy.

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